I do need a little info before agreement on a live sessions .

Understand, I am a “true” independent provider with 14+ years in the Dominatrix biz. My in-calls are held primarily in my own safe private location.

To ensure my safety as well as yours a few things I’ll need to learn about you:

💥Are you over 32?

💥Can you provide a reachable phone number? No private, restricted or a numer not acepted call backs. (Ex:Sype).

Meaning if I need to cancel or I’m running late, although very rare, unexpected situations can arise.

I will never contact you after a session, if you wish to stay in touch you make the first step….

💥How do you describe yourself?

Do you fit into such a category: Sincere submissive, fetishist, sadists, kinksters, explorers of a higher sexuality or newbies with a genuine interest in domination and fetish explorations?

I don’t provide live sessions with:

1-curiosity seekers

2-hobbyist (a.k.a. slobbyists, review partakers).we are humans, not a play or meal.

If you are either, best not to reveil such and be respectful.

My policy simply revolves around mutual respect.
💥 have you served a ” Mistress” before?

Describe your best and worst encounter with a domina.

💥 What is your nationality? .sorry. Got to ask..

……..all done, that didn’t hurt. I ask you do you really want to contact someone who will see just anyone without some screening? How safe will you ultimately be?…….


Some provider’s will ask for your full name, age, business I will not. And be wary of those who do.

* Sites that ask for your personal info in exchange for their listing of “the best” provider are NOT to be trusted.

Think with your head, that being your brainy one gentlemen.

I am extremely private its expected as yours will be automatically.

I’ll be your best kept secret.

“Discretion is to be able to raise your eyebrow not your voice”
I opt out of reviews for this reason. I prefer not to read or have other’s (I have friends and family out of the Industry) although many are aware of my career, They don’t need to read the graphic details.


A- A provider can hire a service to acquire reviews to boost their business. (I’ve been contacted by several) Many reviews are copied and pasted onto different providers. These services also post and maintain social media accounts. (Ex:twitter)

B- reviews are often fake, most often no screening or verification needed to post a review on a provider. Many are written by themselves, their friends, and yes, sure a real review may be thrown in by a actual client, but being a domme/sub you must wonder what guidance or instructions were given.

I guarantee you every great Mistress has had a bad review posted by her …less than professional…competiion.

For these reasons many professional providers have opted out of reviews.